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My name is Al Bond I am a form or member of the NASA Mission Operation team at the Manned Spacecraft Center during the Gemini and Apollo programs. My comrades in Mission Control were the keys to the success in the space program. They we dedicated and brilliant people.

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Following my departure from the Space Center in Houston, I moved to Dallas and joined the staff at Texas Instruments.

I spent 22 years with TI and in that time I was able to pioneer video conferencing via satellite. Those conferences included weekly marketing meetings in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific areas.

New product introductions and technology education played a major role in the development of Texas Instruments. While at TI, I was instrumental in the development of the International Television Association and held the position of President and Chairman of the Board for two years. This gave me the opportunity to travel worldwide as we expanded the association.

After departing TI, I opened my own company Satellite Management International. We helped companies like TI step into the world of video conferencing.

Today, I enjoy my retirement with my family and have great fun with my grandchildren. I will always remain fascinated by today’s space program and its vision of tomorrow.

It has been my pleasure to recall my memories of the program in its infancy, and to share them with today’s generations.

about the book

This book is dedicated to my wife Carolyn and our three sons, Chris, Michael, and Jeffrey who grew up on the stories of space adventure. My grandchildren Chase, Randy, Aidan, Ainsley, and Ami were fascinated and would ask for more stories and pictures each time they came to my home.

Their pressing need for more and more stories and interest in the space program opened my eyes to the need for such a book.

This book is also dedicated to the men and women of Mission Control who made the space program happen each minute, each hour, and each day a mission was in progress.

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The Man behind the Astronauts – Al Bond

Al Bond served as a NASA Mission Operation Team member at the Manned Spacecraft Center during the Gemini and Apollo programs. He has been dedicated to the success of NASA since its starting stages.

The comrades in Mission Control were primarily responsible for guiding our astronauts into unknown territory, thousands of miles away from Earth. Our mission was to explore, understand and protect our planet.

The History of Space Exploration

The History of Space Exploration by Al Bond is an easy-to-read, entertaining, and educational book that outlines the history of space exploration from ancient times through NASA’s Apollo era. It includes stories of heroic scientists and explorers and colorful descriptions of early science fiction stories that anticipate future discoveries in space books.

What is it about?

The history of space exploration is told through the events, people, and machines that have opened up our galaxy for future generations. From the first human-made object to break away from Earth’s gravity to next-generation launch vehicles that are opening the door to private spaceflight

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History of Space Travel - Impossible to Reality, by Al Bond

The final frontier. The mysterious otherworld is just beyond our reach—it’s a place we’ve dreamed of exploring since the dawn of time. For centuries, we’ve imagined what it would be like to travel into space and experience what lies beyond our small planet. And now, after years of research and technological advancements, we are closer than ever to making this dream a reality.
This book is about the space program. Many things will be revealed about the Gemini and Apollo missions here for the first time by some of the people involved in those programs. The first humans to leave the earth’s surface did so during Project Mercury, which was accomplished by the efforts of just a few people working at NASA – then called NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics). The Short Story about Space Travel of Project Mercury and how it evolved into Project Gemini is told by Al Bond, one of only two people still alive today.

A book that is a part of the book: The History Of Space

The author includes a section on how we might be able to explore other planets in our solar system in the near future, as well as one on what it might take to make human life sustainable outside Earth’s atmosphere.

This is not just a Best Space Books—it’s about humanity’s quest to explore beyond its planet and get answers about where we came from.

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